Lost Art (The Pherixx Remixes)

by Dream Circle

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Budding producer and composer, Pherixx puts his spin on his favorite tracks from Dream Circle's debut, Lost Art. In remix fashion, each track provides an interesting take on the original version. From the dance-floor friendly retro house remix of “The Hurricane” to a futuristic hip-hop remix of the dub-reggae infused “Original”, to “School of Life” which features rapper, Los the Light Bearer, and the lush downtempo re-imaginings of “Space Born and “Dark Star”, Pherixx undoubtedly breathes new life into the songs.


released November 20, 2014

Mixed & remixed by Pherixx
Additional recording and mixing by Dream Circle
Released via Unemployable Music


all rights reserved



Dream Circle The Bronx, New York

Dream Circle is a electronic/world/hip-hop band formed in Brooklyn in 2011. The husband and wife duo's international sound is a spiritualized genre-bending journey mixing art, activism, conscious lyrics with leftfield beats.

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Track Name: School of Life Feat. Los the Light Bearer (Pherixx Remix)
welcome to the school of life
la la life

knowledge wants to spread multiply, multiply
wants to realign with the spirit divine
occupy your mind
get under their skin
die and be born once again

The love you make is equal to the love you take…
But lately I've been taking too much love away…
Not giving back enough
Not giving a fuck, about nothing

Lately apathetic
Feel like my soul neglected, hectic
Faded with a headache
And I'm starting to regret it

All my life I've been a student
Still don't have a lesson plan
Hopped on the bus with the Dream Circle Fam

Found music as a cure with a medicine man
And woman

In the jungle
Met the Serpent Goddess, purity
Shed my fears, insecurities
The Sickness of obscurity

What I crave is the sound
Of the peace bell ringing
Children laughing
Angels singing

My heartbeat stinging from the love above
I’m Space Born
Loves a drug

Drink from the chalice of knowledge power
Pages and words I devour
Spread across the universe
And shower the flowers
This music is bigger than all of us!

With the voice of God inside of me
These sound waves touch society
The Light Bearer is just, Man
I’m just battling with my sobriety

Under the skin I am reborn
Soul shining bright like Sun storms
Align, multiply, and remain calm
Then die and occupy a new form

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